Swordsman Spirit

Shishio has three sword techniques that he has evolved over the years to adapt to his current physical flaw. The sword he uses to execute them is called the Mugenjin, which has a serrated blade. It is also the brother of Kenshin Himura’s reverse blade sword forged by Shakku Arai and is the last of Shakku Arai’s deadliest creations. The oil and fat from the numerous victims he had slain seeped through the crevices of the blade thus enabling him to execute fire-oriented techniques. Shishio’s strength and skill is almost inhuman, surpassing that of his predecessor, the Battousai. I am in awe of his power. There is no weakness in his skill and resolution, only the weakness of his health. Below is the list of his three secret sword techniques.

Homura Dama (Fire Ball) – The first of Shishio’s secret sword techniques. He sets the tip of his sword on fire with the heat from friction and the oil seeped within the serrated edges of the blade. This makes his sword attacks more painful as his opponent will be cut and burnt at the same time with each swipe that connects. Using this attack, he can also build a whirl of fire around his opponent which can serve as a distraction. Although the attack is impressive the wound it creates doesn’t seem to be very lethal.

Guren Kaina (Scarlet Lotus Arm) – The second of Shishio’s secret sword techniques. It requires the use of gunpowder that he has secretly tucked away in the gloves on his hand. With the use of friction and the oil seeped within the sword, he ignites the gunpowder causing an explosive blast that causes immense damage to his opponent. It’s a very tactical and clever trick that proves to be deadly without a single swipe of his sword.

Kagutsuchi (Fire Cliff Spirit God) – The third and ultimate of Shishio’s secret sword techniques. It appears to be a stronger, more intense version of the Homura dama in my opinion. He sets the entire edge of the blade on fire using friction by rubbing it against the sheath, encircling it in a spiral of flames. He then swipes downwards to his opponent with a force that is very fatal.

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