Below you will find a few phrases that Makoto Shishio has used throughout his role in the Rurouni Kenshin series, the first one being of the most memorable.

-If youíre strong you live, and if youíre weak you die-

-If the era of chaos is over, then Iíll bring new chaos to take its place-

-Iíll seize control of this country; the new Japan will become stronger under my leadership!-

-Life is only a game where the fittest survive-

-In the end only the fittest survive in this world-

-You defeated Soujiro, the strongest soldier of chaos that I raised and you did it without killing him-

-It will only take fifteen minutes to finish this-

-How do you like it Battousai, my Homura dama?-

-And so you Battousai may very well become my prey-

-This isnít about passion. This is simply about the law of nature-

-Drop my guardÖ what are you talking about? This is what you call composure-

-She understands me better than anyone else. I understand her better than anyone else-

-No youíre wrong; the only thing stronger than anything is me!-

-The weak shall become food for the strong so die and let me feast-

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