Shishio has a very crafty and ruthless demeanor both blatantly reflected from his bold and brazen leadership. He also comes across emotionless, a trait that had somehow strengthened his stance of power. His conscientiousness towards his ambitions was truly admirable even though his ideals behind them were totally wrong. Maybe that is why he was able to grab such devotion from a few of his many followers. For the remaining majority, his personality inflicted intimidation and fear in their hearts.

I believe Shishio’s past, only revealed as far back as the revolution, had a lot to do with his enlightenment and personality. The hate in his heart for the Mejii government that betrayed him only seemed to strengthen his drive to kill and to make others conform to the reality he desired. Though he forged a good relationship with some of his Juppongatana allies, I don’t think Shishio ever fully gave anyone his complete trust. However, he did manage to find love amongst his plight for vengeance, something totally unexpected from someone so thirsty for blood. The ruthlessness of his personality is truly reflected when his sword clashes with another in battle, also enhancing his determination and inner strength to limitless proportions.

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