Shishio worked diligently to let his voice be heard and to rid Japan of the government that was too weak to silence one man as himself. He fought strongly for his beliefs, which in the end makes him no different from any one of us. However, his predecessor, Kenshin Himura, foiled his plans and made folly of his efforts with the assistance of Hajime Saito and his friends. Though Shishio may have had some good intentions, a lot of innocent lives would have perished making such a confrontation inevitable. He never gave up and went down fighting as his extremely high body temperature proved to be his demise. If not for his health condition, there is no doubt that he would have incinerated the Battousai. He claimed that the spirits were intimidated by him thus siding with Kenshin instead.

But as quickly as Shishio fell to the depths of hell, so did his calculating mind set to work cooking up new plans to dominate his new domain. Accompanying him was his love, Yumi and his most devoted follower, Houji, who had no reservations of committing suicide just to join him. Once again Shishio promised Houji the first taste of victory right by his side stating that there would be no one to defy him since there are only evil people in hell.

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