Throughout the Rurouni Kenshin series, Shishio is seen clothed from head to toe in bandages with the exception of his eyes and lips. In addition, over the bandages, he is usually clothed in a dark blue robe along with black gloves covering his hands and black boots on his feet. Although not see at first, a metal plate is also adorned on his forehead hidden beneath the bandages.

As a result of being shot in the head and burnt alive by the Mejii Government, his intense burns caused life threatening effects. His sweat glands and pores were sealed shut causing him to permanently have an elevated body temperature unable to sweat, the main mechanism of cooling the body off. The bandages seemed to be the only resolution to soothing the painful burning sensations he experienced besides the occasional visit to the hot spring.

The metal plate on his forehead was implemented to barricade his weakness of once being shot in the head. His ingenious was truly remarkable which prevented him from being crippled from the same attack twice.

Even the gloves on his hands was a mastery of his cleverness, an example being executed when he caught Kenshin off guard with a deadly blow exacted using gun powder he had secretly hidden within the sleeves.

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